Learning a language is not always about memorizing the words and structure. It is not always about having a perfect grammatically correct conversation but it is essentially about a process where mistakes are allowed. English Today will provide fun English Lessons Palangkaraya. You can feel the differ      ence of learning English with us because we can help you to learn in a fun and effective way, such as role play, discussion, simulation, presentation, games and other interactive activities.

Why do you have to choose English Today?

English Today is ready to listen to your needs. We will only give you the lessons that you really need. You can adjust the modules based your needs so the learning will be useful and contribute to your life.

What makes English Today different from other English course providers?

There are three things that make us different from other English course providers. First, we care for you so we will only listen to your needs. We will design the materials to meet your expectation. Second, you can choose where and when you want to have the class. You do not need to worry about the schedule because we will follow your schedule. Third, we have the dedicated and skilful native teachers to guide you to speak English fluently.

What will you learn with English Today?

Unlike other English Course providers, English Today gives the English skills that are adjusted to your needs. What are your career and business needs? There are English skills for negotiation, presentation, meeting, telephoning, report and email writing, and many others. We have everything that you need.
There are many prominent companies in Indonesia that feel satisfied with the English learning provided by English Today, some of them are: BukaLapak.com, Harris Hotel, Traveloka, Pertamina, BNI, Hankook, Daikin, XL, Garuda Indonesia, and many more.
You only need to contact us and consult with us about your need. We will give the best English Lessons for you. We are sure that you can improve your English with us.

Improve your English skills with English Today.
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